USANZ22 EKO Guitar Winner

The Bladder Cancer Australia Charity Foundation guitar prize is fast becoming a popular convention must do at at USANZ. Delegates visiting our convention booth for our latest bladder cancer patient literature and other resources also sign up for a chance to win our guitar prize.

The lucky winner this year is Nick Davies from Tasmania!

Nick gets to fly back home with his own EKO EVO III D EQ guitar. It features a classic Dreadnought cutaway body shape and a solid cedar top, mahogany back and sides, South American roupana fingerboard and bridge. The guitar is also equipped with the Fishman Presys Blend preamp and internal condenser microphone that makes this instrument suited to both stage and studio. Case was included for safe travel and the total prize valued at $899.00 founders Tony Moore and Professor Nathan Lawrentschuk with guitar winner Nick Davies. at USANZ22

The Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand 2022 Conference

We are distributing our Bladder Cancer Patient Guidebook and other patient resources at USANZ22

Our booth also has a draw going for an EKO EVO III D EQ guitar valued at $899.00

Note that there are costs involved in attending a conference like this and hiring a booth where we can share our patient resources to a wide network and advocate for bladder cancer awareness.

We also launched our Bladder Cancer Nurse Project to try and find the funds for a pilot program. (More info about this project soon)

If you can spare a few dollars a tax deductable donation to help us pay for our costs at ANZUS22 it would be very much appreciated and help us to continue in our work!

Check out more photos and comments about USANZ22 workshops and activities on the #USANZ22 tag on twitter.

Read about USANZ (The Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand) on their website at


My dad’s story

In April 2021 dad went to his GP as he was urinating blood. An ultrasound determined the presence of bladder lesions and he was immediately referred to a urologist. A biopsy in June 2021 confirmed dad had bladder cancer that penetrated the muscle. A very aggressive small cell carcinoma. The urologist consulted an oncologist who stated that the best course of action would be to have a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. Bladder removal was out of the question.

Dad completed his treatments in November 2021 and a further scan revealed lesions on his liver. The cancer was spreading and dad was booked for more scans soon after. Dad could not go through with it as he started to have severe back pain and could not lie down for the scan and strong pain killers and muscle relaxants did not ease his pain.

On 21 March 2022 dad was admitted in to palliative care due to his rapid deterioration. He slept in a sitting position for several weeks. Dad was becoming confused and the oncologist suspected that the cancer had spread to his brain but due to the pain he refused scans. On 8 April 2022 dad finally had a lumbar CT (in complete agony), but he could not sit through further tests, revealing the cancer had spread to his spine that caused several fractures causing his pain. Dad became unresponsive from 9 April 2022 and sadly, he passed away on 17 April 2022. Dad was 78.


Embarrassing Affirmations (Video)

May is #BladderCancerMonth22 🗓️

We are challenging taboos and sparking conversations about most common symptom of bladder cancer – blood in urine. Embarrassment shouldn’t be what stops us from sharing the concern with others, especially a doctor. Some things we’re embarrassed about are harmless. Some, might not be.

If you see blood in your urine, need to urinate on a more frequent basis, or have what you think could be a UTI… #DontGoRed. Go to a doctor!

The topic of embarrassment is something that just about everyone can get involved in. We all have stories to share – Get involved ❗ Find out more about World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition campaign and get involved 👉 #BladderCancer Newsletter – MAY IS INTERNATIONAL BLADDER CANCER AWARENESS MONTH



NOW is the time to create an awareness promotion in your hospital, surgery or neighbourhood that you can launch on Monday next week. Bladder Cancer Awareness month can be a great topic for weekly team meetings.

Do a fund raiser in your neighbourhood. Put posters in urinals and on the back of toilet doors. Get a message on lift video screen in your office.

We can design things to suit you and you can download lots of stuff from our web site for FREE to promote our awareness month.

#DontGoRed is the WBCPC hashtag for the month.

If you need booklets for your surgery please email us at

Social Media for May

Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and TikTok pages to see more Bladder Cancer Awareness materials you can share during the month including new videos and awareness tools from our partners at the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition.

MCG Lunch

MCG Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

Our annual fund raising lunch at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has been a highlight of Bladder Cancer Awareness month. Those who have attended in the past know it’s a great lunch in a spectacular dining room. But this year we were unable to get the room. A handful of us are going for lunch at the MCC on Wed 25th May to maintain the tradition! If you’re interested we might find a space, but it is very limited seating.

USANZ on the Gold Coast

USANZ on the Gold Coast starts on June 25th and one lucky delegate will win this guitar. Drop by the table to enter the draw!

The EKO EVO III D EQ guitar features a classic Dreadnought cutaway body shape and a solid cedar top, mahogany back and sides, South American roupana fingerboard and bridge. The guitar is equipped with the Fishman Presys Blend preamp and internal condenser microphone that makes this instrument well suited both on stage and in studio. Case included. Valued at $899.00

We get no Government funding. Please consider a fully tax deductible donation here:

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Micropapillary Carcinoma Bladder Cancer

After several GP visits and Urologist visits for frequent and painful urination it wasn’t until almost six months later my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV bladder cancer on 27/5/21. It was a very rare and aggressive form known as Micropapillary Carcinoma Bladder Cancer. His treating Urologist hadn’t seen this type since 2006 and his treating Oncologist since 2014. My husband had never smoked which is apparently a leading cause for bladder cancer.

Less than a week after diagnosis he had ensured a seven hour surgery to remove his bladder, prostate and eight lymph nodes of which the cancer was in seven of them. There was a six week recovery report before chemo could commence.

Four cycles of chemo were required however after only one, my husband was admitted to ICU with lungs full of blood clots. Blood thinners then created other complications which resulted in 33 nights in hospital. It was decided chemo should not continue due to serious life threatening complications.

Mid September 2021 immunotherapy was commenced (Avelumab). These were administered every 14 days via his port. Mid November a PET scan was done and it was the first scan done since first diagnosed with cancer back in May (not sure why there was such a long gap).

On 25/11/21 we received devastating news that the cancer had spread to my husband’s bones, further spread of the disease in more lymph nodes and in the area where his bladder and prostate had been removed. We were advised we had 6-12 months based on how aggressive his type of bladder cancer was.

My beautiful husband lost his fight eleven weeks later and passed away on 10/2/22. He fought til the end to be with our family. He will forever be 56. News – Autumn 2022

Hi everyone,

Another season arrives with hope that we can resume normal lives with COVID. It’s been a trying time for everyone, but especially for the medical fraternity, and patients waiting for pain relief through surgery. Let’s hope that another COVID variant and subsequent wave doesn’t interrupt our recovery. We are flying the Ukranian flag this edition in support of those brave people.


Good news that events appear to be going ahead in this COVID safer world.

UROGP, the annual symposium bringing doctors and nurses up to date with all the latest in the world of Urology, goes ahead on Saturday March 25th. You can register here:

USANZ, the urological community’s annual event will be held on the Gold Coast 25-28 June. All the details here:


There are 2 opportunities this month for bladder cancer patients and survivors to earn some money or vouchers by participating in surveys. One is for METIS Healthcare Research and the other is a Monash University study.


Dickon Hayne, Professor of Urology at the University of Western Australia, has been conducting trials on a new drug that is injected into the bladder. Read more


A recent study gives more weight to smoking being a major factor in bladder cancer illness with 44 percent of future bladder cancers attributable to smoking. Read more

NEED BC PATIENT GUIDEBOOKS for your surgery? Just email us at


We get no Government funding. Please consider a fully tax deductible donation here:

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Bladder Cancer & Smoking Study

This recent study by Marc Diocera gives more weight to smoking being a major factor in bladder cancer illness.

Study Details

Substantial changes in the prevalence of the principal kidney and bladder cancer risk factors, smoking (both cancers) and body fatness (kidney cancer), have occurred but the contemporary cancer burden attributable to these factors has not been evaluated. We quantified the kidney and bladder cancer burden attributable to individual and joint exposures and assessed whether these burdens differ between population subgroups. We linked pooled data from seven Australian cohorts (N = 367,058) to national cancer and death registries and estimated the strength of the associations between exposures and cancer using adjusted proportional hazards models. We estimated exposure prevalence from representative contemporaneous health surveys. We combined these estimates to calculate population attributable fractions (PAFs) with 95% confidence intervals (CIs), accounting for competing risk of death, and compared PAFs for population subgroups. During the first 10-year follow-up, 550 kidney and 530 bladder cancers were diagnosed and over 21,000 people died from any cause. Current levels of overweight and obesity explain 28.8% (CI = 17.3-38.7%), current or past smoking 15.5% (CI = 6.0-24.1%) and these exposures jointly 39.6% (CI = 27.5-49.7%) of the kidney cancer burden. Current or past smoking explains 44.4% (CI = 35.4-52.1%) of the bladder cancer burden, with 24.4% attributable to current smoking. Ever smoking explains more than half (53.4%) of the bladder cancer burden in men, and the burden potentially preventable by quitting smoking is highest in men (30.4%), those aged 2 standard alcoholic drinks/day (41.2%). In conclusion, large fractions of kidney and bladder cancers in Australia are preventable by behaviour change.

What’s New?

Smoking and obesity are leading risk factors for cancers of the kidneys and bladder. In many industrialized countries, however, the proportion of kidney and bladder cancers attributable to these factors relative to one another may be changing, owing to recent declines in smoking and increases in obesity prevalence. Here, analyses of contemporaneous exposure prevalence data show that in Australia, body fatness is surpassing smoking as the leading modifiable risk factor for kidney cancer burden. Overweight and obesity accounted for 28.8 percent of the country’s future kidney cancer burden. Meanwhile, 44.4 percent of future bladder cancers remain attributable to smoking.

Monash University Study – $20 Coles voucher offer

Eligible participants:

  • Have been diagnosed with cancer (any type) in the last three years
  • Speak English as their primary language 
  • Are aged 18+ years

Participants will be required to answer a brief screening email and complete an online survey, that should take 20-30 mins. Upon completion, they will then receive a $20 Coles voucher for their time.

Sidney Davies 
School of Psychology and Public Health 
La Trobe University 

To participate email:

Bladder Cancer Patients interview – earn $100 honorarium

An independent market research company (Metis Healthcare Research) is conducting interviews with people who have been diagnosed with metastatic bladder cancer (cancer that has spread beyond the bladder).

The interviews are being conducted on behalf of a pharmaceutical manufacturer that is in the process of preparing for a possible launch of a new treatment for bladder cancer.

The purpose of the interviews is to understand what services and resources people with bladder cancer may find useful.

The interviews will be confidential and anonymous – such that Metis cannot reveal the identity of anyone who has been interviewed.

The interviews will last approximately 45 to 60 minutes, and can take place at a day & time of your choice. They will be conducted via Zoom or Skype. To compensate you for your time, they are offering a $100 honorarium.

If you think you may be interested in participating, or would like further information, you can email Metis directly at the following address: News – November 2021

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Hi everyone,

As we head into the festive season in our COVID normal world, we wish everyone the best for a safe period ahead and happy times with friends and loved ones.

World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition International Patient Survey

World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition

The world body for bladder cancer patients has launched a new survey for those who have been affected by the disease. This is a really important tool for helping us to understand bladder cancer.

A call out to all patients and medicos: Please promote this survey to as many bladder cancer patients as possible, past & present.

Link to share:


Event Logos

As it becomes possible to meet in groups again, both of these major urology events in Australia have been scheduled for 2022. UroGP is on Saturday 26th Feb at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and USANZ/ANZUNS is on the fabulous Gold Coast 25-28 June 2022. In Amsterdam EAU22 will be held from March 18-21.

Covid & Bladder Cancer Current Research

Trends in Endoscopic Management of Bladder Tumours post lockdown in Australia. Have we caught up?

On October 22nd at the USANZ (Urology Society of Australia and New Zealand) Victorian state meeting, research papers were presented on the trends of bladder cancer management in pre and post Covid-19 lockdown healthcare systems in Victoria & Australia.

New Bladder Cancer CHAT function

Bladder Cancer Chat

Please check out new chat function we are trialling. It is a work in progress. Before long we will have a host of AI answers on many common bladder cancer questions. Drop in and say hi Mon-Fri


Bladder Cancer Patient Guidebook

If you require copies of our Bladder Cancer Patient Guidebooks please email us at and we will send you a literature pack.

Post Your Stoma

Stoma Images

Patients facing cystectomy really appreciate seeing how a stoma and bag work.

Picked a Winner?

Horsey Photo

If you had a win at the races please consider a donation. We get no Government funding. Thanks.

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