2018 Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

I was diagnosed on the 22nd May 2018, I was 50 years of age. First and only symptom was haematuria. I went to my GP the day after this symptom, had a ultra sound 5 days after and I was diagnosed with high grade non muscle invasive cancer. My first surgery approx 4 weeks after. I didn’t fit in any of the risk groups. After numerous TURBT’s and one dose of Mitomycin I was cancer free for around 6 months then it returned, after two more TURBT’s, I’m now starting my first BCG treatment on Friday. (more…)

Download the 2020 #BladderCancerAwarenessMonth toolkit

Want to do more to make the world #BladderCancerAware?

Download the 2020 #BladderCancerAwarenessMonth toolkit created by the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition

Download the English version of the tookit.

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition developed the campaign toolkit as a guide to help our member patient organisations, partners, and interested parties from all corners of the world to participate in the World Bladder Cancer Awareness Month campaign supporting and sharing our messages.

Read more about the toolkit and the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition

Bladder Cancer Survivor

Early diagnosis can save your bladder!

From Tony: “Early diagnosis can save your bladder!”

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BCACF Newsletter – April 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to our April 2020 newsletter.

These Covid-19 times present a range of new problems. What were day-to-day things last month, like going shopping, now present new difficulties for many. It can be scary just going to the supermarket. Social distancing means that there is now less eye contact as you walk down the street. Anxiety levels can increase for people. We can be scared of getting near others or touching anything. And trying to be kind and think of other people first, instead of oneself, can be difficult in our own little “safety bubbles”.

So I have made a decision to give a BIG SMILE or a friendly wave to everyone that I walk past whenever I do my exercise or my dash down to Woolies.

It’s simple. And feels good for two. Try it!


New Patient Cards

We have thousands of these cards which medicos can hand out to patients. It’s an easy way to lead patients to our free bladder cancer patient guidebooks.

If you want some cards for your clinic drop us a line and we will put some in the mail. E-mail: contact@bladdercancer.org.au

Post Your Stoma

We have started a “Post Your Stoma” campaign along the following lines:

The Post Your Stoma page allows other people to see your stoma, with and without clothing. As you know, making a decision to remove your bladder includes many questions. One is… how will I cope with a stoma?

Letting other people see how your stoma and bag are situated will help them to be more prepared and to make a good decision. With clothes. Without. Close ups. In costume. Be bold! Be Creative! Post Your Stoma!

Post Your Stoma

New Bladder Cancer Patient Procedure Guides

These guides have been developed by doctors and patients to give those going in for surgery or investigation a clear picture of the entire procedure including preparation and recovery.

Each guide can be downloaded for free and include:

  • BCG

WBCPC March News

The March 2020 edition of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition newsletter is out now. If you are not on the WBCPC newsletter mailing list you can view the current newsletter on-line. This installment includes:

  • Bladder Cancer & Covid-19
  • WBCPC General Assembly Meeting
  • Video: The Landscape of Advanced Bladder Cancer
  • EFPIA Blog – Industry – let’s step up
  • Bladder Cancer Awareness Mont
  • Free Weekly online support group – Healing and Cancer
  • Food and Nutrition tips during self-quarantine
  • Podcast: Cancer Care during Covid-19 in Italy
  • Bladder Cancer in the News

Read the WBCPC March newsletter or learn more about the WBCPC at worldbladdercancer.org

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Come and see us at USANZ20 in Sydney 7-10 March

BCACF will be at USANZ20 in Sydney with the 2020 edition of our Bladder Cancer booklets.

USANZ20 is an Annual Scientific Meeting facilitated by The Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand (USANZ) and this year is being held at the INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE (ICC) in Sydney between the 7th and 10th of March.

If you visit us at our booth you will be in with a chance to win this cool guitar!

BCACF Newsletter – February 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to our first newsletter for the year.

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We lost our Facebook pages and have had to start again! Please friend us and follow us on our new official and authorised Facebook page:

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Today is World Cancer Day!  (Feb 4th)

Today, the 4th of February, is World Cancer Day, Please take a minute to look at the World Cancer Day website: www.worldcancerday.org

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World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition Newsletter

World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition

The WBCPC newsletter is out now. If you are not on the WBCPC newsletter mailing list you can take view the current newsletter on-line. This installment includes:

  • WBCPC Annual Meeting (22 March Amsterdam)
  • Out with Cancer Study
  • WBCPC joins All.Can International
  • Year of the Nurse and the Midwife 2020
  • European Cancer Forum
  • and more

Read the WBCPC January 2020 newsletter

USANZ in Sydney (March 7th-10th)

USANZ 2020 in Sydney

Come and see us at USANZ in Sydney 7-10 March 2020

We will be exhibiting with a good supply of booklets as well as this unique guitar for some lucky visitor to win and take home!  

More info at usanz2020.com

Unique guitar for USANZ 2020 in Sydney

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Australia’s high rates of bladder cancer deaths show why blood in urine should always be investigated

“While the relative survival (survival compared to a healthy individual of similar age) for most other cancers has improved in Australia, for bladder cancer this has decreased over time.”

Professor of Surgery at Monash University Shomik Sengupta writes about how bladder cancer has a lower profile compared to other types of cancer despite it affecting almost 3,000 Australians each year causing thousands of deaths.

Read the full article at The Conversation.