Opportunity to contribute your views on access to a new medicine for metastatic bladder cancer through the PBS

Pfizer and Merck Alliance have a new medicine that is a treatment used after bladder cancer has spread and directly after chemotherapy. This is instead of waiting after chemo for the cancer to spread.

This medicine is currently being reviewed by the PBAC for reimbursement/subsidy so that patients have affordable access.

You can contribute your views about this decision by sharing your story, your metastatic bladder cancer experience, and your opinion by COB 10 February.

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Select “Avelumab – Bavencio” from the drop down medicine name option list to contribute your experience.

If you want to know more about this medicine click here. https://oncology.medicinematters.com/asco-2020/genitourinary-cancers/javelin-bladder-100-avelumab-urothelial/18034538

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