How long is wait?

My partner: 59 year old male.
Friday: blood in pee.
Monday: blood tests.
Tuesday: CT scan.
Wednesday: doctor says: bladder cancer, go back for a chest CT scan and wait for hospital to phone you.
Friday: phoned hospital: they hadn’t heard of him; phoned back doctor who said lungs are clear but don’t call again, wait for the hospital.
Wednesday: hospital phoned as had received a referral; told to wait and someone will phone you to make an appointment for a day surgery cystoscopy.
Initial CT scan summary sounded scary: “Left lateral bladder wall diffusely infiltrative mass with mild speculation of the bladder serosal surface. Underlying invasive TCC is favoured. There is pathological left iliac chain and infrarenal retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy.”
He was not given anything from the second CT scan.
How bad is this?
How long will he have to wait?
How quickly will it get worse if he’s just waiting around?
When will someone tell us something useful or do something about it?
Should he try to see a private urologist (he has no private health insurance)?
Anyone have any tips?

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