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Bladder Cancer Patient Guidebook

Download our Bladder Cancer Patient Guidebook

You can get a printed copy by post by making a $5 tax deductible donation.

Please help us make this guidebook available for free to all Australian doctors, medical centres and hospitals by making a donation.

Patient Procedure Guides

Developed by doctors and patients these visual guides provide a clear picture of many bladder cancer related procedures including: TURBT, CYSTOSCOPY, BCG, INTRAVESICAL CHEMOTHERAPY, CYSTECTOMY, ILEAL CONDUIT, NEOBLADDER, KIDNEY & URETER REMOVAL.

Each guide is free to download.

Bladder Cancer Care Plan

Our Bladder Cancer Care Plan document has been created for medical professionals and patients dealing with bladder cancer.

The document has many applications and it’s free to download.

Urinary Diversions Booklet

The Urinary Diversions Booklet is a great help for people facing Cystectomy. Download here

Bladder Cancer
Symptoms Guide

Helping you talk to your GP
(courtesy Action Bladder Cancer UK)

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Top Ten Tips

Bladder Cancer primary care tips
(courtesy Action Bladder cancer UK)

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Free Posters

Free posters for displaying to promote awareness of Bladder Cancer.

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Infographic from the Shout Out About Bladder Cancer appeal

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