My story

Hi I am 71 and recently had my cancer removed from my bladder. I am now undergoing pembrolizumab treatment for bladder cancer. After that I expect to have my bladder removed. Now I have been very nervious about this. The Cancer Doctors say the treatment is good. And the surgeons say after removal is the […]

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I have had low grade bladder cancer for five years. the last time they operated on me because I could not pee. I have become inconvenient I think they have opened up my bladder ureatha opening too much.  people’s thoughts would be appreciated. I am a bit iliterate in spelling help would be appreciated.

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Recurring tumors

Hi all,My name is Nancy and I was diagnosed with grade 2 Bladder Cancer in 2019, due to my numerous health issues, this was something extra I did not need. I started off with 6 monthly cystoscopies, but in early 2022 I was to have 3 monthly cystoscopies and scrapings and 6 weeks later I […]

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My dad’s story

In April 2021 dad went to his GP as he was urinating blood. An ultrasound determined the presence of bladder lesions and he was immediately referred to a urologist. A biopsy in June 2021 confirmed dad had bladder cancer that penetrated the muscle. A very aggressive small cell carcinoma. The urologist consulted an oncologist who […]

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Cancer shock

I was diagnosed in February 2020 with Urothelial Carcinoma in my left kidney. I was 55 years old, female, very fit, never smoked and rarely drank. My husband and I were booked to go on a cruise the coming Saturday, but my oncologist said chemotherapy had to start straight away. Late 2019 i had consistent […]

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