Treatments & Doctors

Treatments for Bladder Cancer are varied, depending on the nature of your disease.  If diagnosed early, patients can often be cured without any loss of organs. If you have concerns see your doctor ASAP.

In Australia two of the most common bladder cancer treatments are:
  • BCG therapy
    BCG therapy is where doctors pass drugs into your bladder to try and eliminate the cancer.
  • Cystectomy
    Surgery to remove the bladder and replace with an internal Neo-Bladder or an external urine collection bag.

Your GP will refer you to a Urologist to discuss options & plan a course of treatment.  If you choose surgery to remove your bladder, there will be permanent lifestyle changes, so it is wise to choose a doctor with a long term view in mind.  You might need to see a lot of doctor!

NeoBladder operations are the most difficult form of treatment best performed by a specialist who has a deal of experience in creating and installing NeoBladders. Doctors in Australia cure bladder cancer regularly, especially if diagnosed at an early stage.

The latest “buzz” in many cancer treatments is immunotherapy. Read an inspiring article about how an Australian Bladder Cancer patient achieved an amazing outcome with immunotherapy.

Major milestones in controlling cancer worldwide have come through clinical trials.  Check out the current Australian Clinical Bladder Cancer Trials for Non-Invasive BC