Bladder Cancer Screening Kits Petition

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Australian Government data prepared by Cancer Australia estimates a total incidence in 2016 of 2880 cases of Bladder Cancer in the Australian population, with a mortality rate of 1165. Men are three times more likely than women to be affected, and the disease is almost exclusively confined to the population cohort aged over 50. Once established, Bladder Cancer is a very difficult and expensive condition to treat, and even successful treatment can entail ongoing expense to personal and public finances, with severe lifestyle impacts.

However, basic testing for Haematuria (blood traces in urine) is simple, cheap and non-invasive, and can be an early indicator of Bladder Cancer.  A urine test strip included in bowel cancer kits makes sense, as a life and cost saving measure.  

In my capacity as a Director of the Bladder Cancer Australia Charity Foundation I hereby petition the Australian Federal Government to support programs to improve community awareness of, and screening for Bladder Cancer, in parallel with existing Bowel Cancer information and screening initiatives.

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