Recurring tumors

Hi all,
My name is Nancy and I was diagnosed with grade 2 Bladder Cancer in 2019, due to my numerous health issues, this was something extra I did not need. I started off with 6 monthly cystoscopies, but in early 2022 I was to have 3 monthly cystoscopies and scrapings and 6 weeks later I had BCG, sessions once a week. My last cystoscopy in October 2022 showed more tumors which the surgeon removed and in December I had 3 sessions of BCG, I was informed in January that the BCG did not work, the specialist has booked me in for the 2nd March to have another cystoscopy with scraping and stated she would discuss what other options I have to try and put me back into remission (so far the cancer has come back twice in 2 years), so I am waiting for this to happen so that Hopefully I can get on with my life.

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  1. Nancy, I am so sorry to hear your bladder cancer has recurred. I had a similar situation whereby the cystoscopy I had in December last year showed signs of a possible second tumour so I had to go for a biopsy in January which thankfully was clear. I am still having BCG for the first cancer but hopefully it will be the last one next month. However mine was a High Grade so it may return. I am keeping positive as should you. I wish you all the luck for 2nd March.

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