World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition Update

We are delighted to advise that, at its meeting on March 28, the interim board of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition unanimously approved the admission to membership of ActionBladderCancer (UK), Bladder Cancer Australia Charity Foundation and Associazionepalinuro (Italy). Together with BCAN (USA), Bladder Cancer Canada, Fight Bladder Cancer UK, Norwegian Bladder Cancer Society and Les Zuros France, the coalition now has a solid core of strongly engaged members.

Our co-founder Tony Moore comments: “We need the loudest possible voice to start reducing mortality from the deadly disease of bladder cancer. Many other charities and patient support groups around the world are realising that together is better, and this new coalition aims to give support to all the people around the world trying to help bladder cancer patients and promote awareness of the disease. I am personally very excited to be involved, and look forward to contributing.”

World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition