2018 Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

I was diagnosed on the 22nd May 2018, I was 50 years of age. First and only symptom was haematuria. I went to my GP the day after this symptom, had a ultra sound 5 days after and I was diagnosed with high grade non muscle invasive cancer. My first surgery approx 4 weeks after. I didn’t fit in any of the risk groups. After numerous TURBT’s and one dose of Mitomycin I was cancer free for around 6 months then it returned, after two more TURBT’s, I’m now starting my first BCG treatment on Friday.

Although its been a bumpy ride, I have it so much better than others who are going through this journey. I am a paramedic here in Qld so for me, its been different being on the other end of patient care. Will see what the next few months will bring.

No doubt like most of us who are still working, for my surgeries, I’ve used up all my sick leave, used up all my accrued leave and I have one week left of my annual leave that I have accrued, I haven’t had to use my long service leave as yet.

Early diagnosis is so important, no matter what your age is, if you have a symptom, go see your GP.

Tony 🙂

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