By the way I sweat a lot …

2015 I went to my GP … hoping to scam some penicillin to clear up a chest cough.
As an after thought I told her that I have had random bouts of severe sweating episodes on and off for a few years – there appeared to be no pattern to it.
She said it could be a heart issue and began to send me off to a cardiologist.
Then she said would I mind doing a 24 Hour urine test just to eliminate something a bit weird.The test was positive – excessive adrenaline … a possible benign tumour on my kidney.
CAT scan finds nothing on my kidneys but 4 tumours in my bladder.
Lists more tests to eliminate Pheochromacytomas … none!
TURB and bladder burned (ouch!) a ureter got nicked …. big ouch … emergency nephrostomy … scary and a stent
Waited six weeks to find out whether I keep my bladder & kidney .. phew!
Then three years of BCG treatment …. and given an all clear
A lifetime of regular cystoscopies but all is going well.
Sheer dumb luck …. I asked a wacky question, I had a thorough GP and a talented urologist.


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