In Memory of George Nelson

My husband George was a loving 56 year old father of two teenage sons when he was diagnosed with invasive bladder cancer in October 2014.

We struggled with finding the “centre of excellence for bladder cancer treatment” in Australia, and his treatment was marred by miscommunication, delays and mishaps. The final being infection contracted during surgery, and inability to have further treatment to stop the spread of cancer. And then lack of palliative care support to allow him to die as he wished with his family at home.

George lost his battle on 12 May 2015.

Our life is marred by “ifs”… if only we had found the right surgeon, the right treatment, a good palliative care team. Bladder cancer is a horrible disease, it attacks a man’s sense of self, and our health system doesn’t seem equipped to deal with it.

Men, fathers, brothers and husbands are worth as much attentions the “sexier” and high profile cancer causes.

Don’t delay getting help, and please invest in more services and information to guide families through the maze of treatment and support.

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