My Husband’s Story

My husband was diagnosed with Bladder cancer in February 2017
after two operations to removed tumours and treatment with BCG he was clear.

In February 2019 my husband started feeling unwell and pain in the lower back and leg so doctor thought was sciatic nerve pain but the pain didn’t go away and he requested extra test.

After 4 Months of constant visits to doctors and scans he was diagnosed with bladder cancer again but this time was stage four he had a tumour in his left hip and the cancer had spread to his bones.

Doctors gave him only 9 -12 months without treatment.

He had Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy applied for couple of trials and he was unsuccessful to get them. He had also radiotherapy to the hip and his back but nothing works.

My Dearest husband died last week at the age of 54. Never smoke or drank and had a healthy life.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate.

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