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I had blood in my urine 3 months ago so went to emergency department of hospital. They did blood tests, found nothing, urine cleared up – they booked me in for cystoscopy in a months time. 3 weeks later more blood so went back to hospital – doctor told me was “probably bladder cancer” but it is typically “very slow growing so no harm in waiting a week to check” I had an MRI on that day – after waiting 8 hours, I was told no tumors detected and bleeding was enlarged prostate – I was relieved. A week later I went in for cystoscopy even though was convinced there was no need. As I watched the camera go in live on the screen I saw the smooth bladder wall and then strange branch like growths. The doctor says “That’s a tumour”. This happened about 5 hours ago so I am still processing things. Hopefully surgery will happen next week and I will take it from there. I am scared and not convinced that doctors know what they are doing.

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  1. It is very scary to trust a Dr. I also had a really bad Dr. that told me I had a urinary tract infection for year. I was lucky I had a friend tell me I needed to see a urolist that this was not normal and sure enough I had high grade bladder cancer. If it were not for my friend I dont know how things would have gone.
    Just know the beginning is very scary and like your life took a stop. But after you gain all of the knowledge you need you know that with the right Dr and asking the right questions you can overcome this. I recommend going to an integrated Dr as well as regular Dr. I was put on a high dose vitamoin trial. I went into remission for 5 years but recently had a small spot. I did go off my vegan and juicing diet so I cant say enough about the importance of no meat, sugar, fruit or carbs. Drink a ton of water, lemon water in the morning and wheatgrass twice a day and green juice twice a day and detox… infrared sauna, high Ph water, epson salt baking soda baths. You have to do your part. Just know the goal is to get your immune sysytem up to par and keep your body alkaline.

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