Embarrassing Affirmations (Video)

May is #BladderCancerMonth22 🗓️

We are challenging taboos and sparking conversations about most common symptom of bladder cancer – blood in urine. Embarrassment shouldn’t be what stops us from sharing the concern with others, especially a doctor. Some things we’re embarrassed about are harmless. Some, might not be.

If you see blood in your urine, need to urinate on a more frequent basis, or have what you think could be a UTI… #DontGoRed. Go to a doctor!

The topic of embarrassment is something that just about everyone can get involved in. We all have stories to share – Get involved ❗ Find out more about World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition campaign and get involved 👉 worldbladdercancer.org/awareness-month #BladderCancer

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