Australian Bladder Cancer Specialist Directory

The BCACF is working toward creating the definitive directory of health professionals involved with Bladder Cancer in Australia. This will be a valuable resource for all patients across the country as they go through their personal bladder cancer journey.

You can add your name to the directory here:

Add Professional Listing

The web site has over 50 unique visitors every day (more on weekends) which represents potentially 2,000 people per month looking for answers about bladder cancer. This FREE listing on our website is sure to bring more patients seeking assistance to your facility!

When filling out the categories you specialise in please only select the options where you consider yourself to be an expert, for example, if you are a stomal therapist but have never performed a neo bladder irrigation please don’t select neo bladder! But if you have been deeply involved with both neo bladder and ileal conduit patients please check both. If you are a pelvic floor physiotherapist treating 99% women please don’t indicate that you are a continence expert for male post bladder cancer surgery etc.

Please only select your top skills, the areas where you know that you shine! Patients will appreciate this and the resource will become valuable if it offers accurate information.

Tony Moore

Director – Bladder Cancer Australia CF

1/296 Collins St, Melbourne Vic 3000

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