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Hi Everyone,
After a very successful USANZ Exhibit on the Gold Coast in July, and a new financial year ahead of us, our charity grows ever stronger, supporting patients and medical professionals involved in bladder cancer.
Our updated free Procedure Guides were a big hit at USANZ. You can download these for free. We also have new stock of patient Guidebooks, Urinary Diversions books and Bladder cancer Care Plan sheets.
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Please, we get no Government funding and we have big projects that need support. Please consider a small (or large!) donation:

Urology Week

26-30 September is Urology Week supported Internationally through the European Association of Urology (EAU). In 2022 their focus is Bladder Cancer and the strong blood in urine message. There are three fantastic posters here you can download for free from our web site.

It's Bloody Serious - Poster
More Posters

New Board Member

Dr Sachin Perera is one of the newest members to join the board in 2022. As an aspirational Urologist Sachin works closely with leaders in the field to deliver research and clinical services in one of the world’s preeminent centres for excellence in Urology.
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Dr Sachin Perera


On the 8th September the much anticipated World Bladder Patient Forum is being held in Paris. You can attend on-line or in person. Take two hours out of your schedule to log in. Register Here

WBPC Forum Agenda

UAA 2022

The Urological Association of Asia Congress is to be held October 5-8 in Sydney at the Convention Centre. will be there and we are giving away a great Aussie Flag Electric Acoustic Guitar in a case. Valued at $599.00 drop by to our booth for a chance to win!

Australian Flag Guitar Image

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