Urology Week

This week is Urology Week!

Urology Week is an annual international campaign

Urology Week is an international campaign for increasing awareness of urological conditions and treatment. This year (26-30 September 2021) the focus is on blood in urine as an indicator for bladder cancer.

We encourage everyone to spread the word about blood in urine and how important it is to discuss changes in urine colour with one’s GP.

Early detection of bladder cancer is very important.

To help raise awareness the hash tags to use are #urologyweek and #bladdercancer

Or print out some posters for your work place, club or school. Free Downloads Here

The main message is:  Blood in urine, it’s bloody serious! Improve your quality of life with the help of your urologist.

To learn more about Urology Week check https://urologyweek.org/

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